Vaclegs is here at last!

Finally there is a product that will help people do the Vacuuming: Vaclegs!

Using Vaclegs the Vacuum Wand/Rod will always be up off the ground at waist height. Once installed on your 32mm Vacuum Wand/Rod, the device can be engaged and disengaged very quickly with the bright yellow lever to keep the Vacuum Wand/Rod off the floor and at waist height, stopping the user from bending over to pick up the Vacuum Wand/Rod when not in use. Quite often, when a person is doing the Vacuuming, they are interrupted. Often to move furniture such as kitchen stools, or other items, such as children’s toys. Vaclegs allows the user, to not put the Vacuum Wand/Rod on the floor every time and then pick it up every time. Engaging the device during the vacuuming process always allows the user to keep the Vacuum Wand/Rod at waist height, just where they left it before they were interrupted. Never again will you ever have to bend over to pick up the Vacuum Wand/Rod off the floor.

Vaclegs is:

Watch the Vaclegs promo videos below!