Vaclegs is a safety device

Tripping Hazards are a treacherous and dangerous threat to us all, at home and in the workplace.

With the help of Vaclegs many tripping hazards can be reduced at home and in the workplace, by keeping the Vacuum Wand/Rod off the ground and at waist height so it can easily be seen and not tripped on. Quite often the vacuuming process can be interrupted by the user needing to move obstacles in the way, or by the user being required elsewhere. Vacuum Wands/Rods left unattended on the ground pose an imminent threat as a tripping hazard. With the help of Vaclegs, the tripping hazard has been removed as the Vacuuming Wand/Rod can be easily seen in the safety colours of bright yellow and it is off the ground at waist height.

Light weight, strong and durable

Made from poly propylene and fibreglass, Vaclegs is light weight, but still strong and durable. It has been designed to last. With constant usage throughout the Vacuuming process, Vaclegs will stand up to the harshest of treatments.